Entête services




Base de Plein Air St-Damase offers a restaurant on site where you can treat yourself while having a good time with family or friends. Our menu will satisfy you.

Our restaurant can accommodate up to 100 people and we also offer a catering service to help you plan your events.

Enjoy your meal !!


Base plein air St-Damase has an on-site bar where you can dance, sing, have fun and have a drink in pleasant company.

The bar can accommodate up to 100 people to celebrate your events.

Looking forward to serve you !!!

Convenience store

Base Plein Air St-Damase convenience store provides customers with a variety of camping gear, selling firewood in the evening and basic grocery products. You can also spoil yourself with sweets, a slush or a good icy snack.

Our convenience store has everything you need to cool off when it's hot and to sweeten your nose !!!

Snowmobile relay

Trans-Québec Trail 5

Winter or summer, enjoy our relay where you can eat, drink and to treat yourself.

Free parking, groomed and marked trails, off-road trails.